Make-up Free – From Beauty to the Beast

 Hey Girls, makeup is supposed to enhance your natural features not devour them! So here’s how to take your natural beauty and turn into something that looks like the back of a bus.

Charlotte Crosby went make-up free in todays Heat Magazine. Featured also in the daily mail, it clearly shows how this makeover has gone completely off the Richter scale of natural beauty.

She has too much of everything with no focal area. Yeah sure, everything she’s had done was needed, just not so much if it. All except for her brows, which are nicely shaped and tinted in accordance to her face shape.

Here’s how the situation could have been improved with the Beauty Skools Tips.

Hair extensions: Sure, her hair is looking a little limp at the ends and needs more body.For a more au natural look, Charlotte would have been fine with the addition

Great Hair Cut For Frankie from The Saturdays

of just a couple of tracks as opposed to a full head of hair. Equally, a good hair cut would have done the trick, opting for a style more like Frankie’s from the Saturdays, whose hair just rocks. A great cut that would compliment Charlotte’s oval face shape.

Make-up: Charlotte needs to keep the focus to one area, such as her beautiful eyes or perfectly shaped lips; not both.

Blush: Blush is not supossed to resemble a couple of volcanoes with the larvae about to explode from the skin, but ishould instead replicate a natural glow.

Eyeliner: On the bottom, her liner needs blending for a softer touch. A nice small soft brush should do the trick.

What’s intriguing too is that she said’

‘My lad mates say they like a naturally pretty
girl, but all that means is they like a girl to look like she’s not got loads of
make-up on. They’re clueless. Even when I’m “au naturel” I’m still wearing

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I think she’s missed the point and wonder if this is her version of au natural. I do take my hat off to her for taking the pics, but still suspect that Charlotte uses make-up in an attpemt to cover up other issues inside, which I’m afraid girls, make-up just won’t do!